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The 38th Annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival is set to transport attendees 450 years into the past on July 20 and 21, 2024. This immersive event will unfold amidst the scenic backdrop of San Luis Obispo's Laguna Lake Park, offering a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the rich tapestry of the Renaissance era.

From lively performances to artisan markets, the festival promises a vibrant and enchanting journey into the culture and spirit of a bygone era. 


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Embark on a journey through time and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the Elizabethan era at the 38th Annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival! Set against the scenic backdrop of Laguna Lake Park in San Luis Obispo, this extraordinary experience awaits you on July 20 & 21, 2024.

Enjoy the best festival yet, featuring an authentic recreation of a lively Elizabethan village. Engage with vibrant characters adorned in period attire, witness riveting battle contests held twice daily, and delight in a plethora of captivating shows and performances. Explore the artisan market, showcasing the talents of skilled artists and craftsmen.

Stroll amidst noble Lords and elegant ladies as they grace the festival grounds, and partake in the delectable offerings of food and refreshing drinks. Revel in a feast fit for royalty, raising a glass to the spirit of the age.

With a multitude of activities, sights, and tastes to savor, this year's festival is an absolute must-attend event. Join us for an unforgettable summer weekend and personally experience the enchantment of time travel!

General Terms

Tickets are non-refundable except if the festival is canceled.

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Refund Policy

Tickets are non-refundable except if the festival is canceled.

Remember: NO PETS

Cancellation Policy

Ticket sales will be refunded in the event the festival is canceled.

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If this event allows ticket transfers, you can transfer tickets to someone else by going into your confirmation email > View & Manage Order > Edit Ticket Info / Transfer. 

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Miscellaneous Policies

Parking: I agree that I am parking at my own risk and will hold History Revisted and any of its affiliates harmless in the event of any damages.

You are highly encouraged to carpool. It's good for the environment.

Parking on-site is $10, cash only. It is helpful if you have a $10 bill for this.