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What is Farm Day?

Farm Day is a multiple location one day event for the whole family presented by SEEAG, a 501c3 nonprofit that values agricultural and food education. Farm Day is a FREE event that was founded by the need to educate the community about the farm origins of food and to meet the hands responsible for producing the food we eat.

Farm Day is a self-guided tour so you have the freedom to explore numerous participating locations at your leisure. Whether you choose to visit one or many, this flexible event allows you to personalize your experience. The day includes behind-the-scenes tours, trailer rides, tastings, giveaways and kid-friendly activities. 

Why register?

Pre-registration will make checking in at each location fast and easy. Register once and get QR access to all locations. This means no long lines! Registration will also enter any registrants 18 years of age or older into a drawing to win cool prizes! Winners will be announced on Farm Day August 24th. Only participants who registered with an email will entered to win


Farm Day Trail Map - Plan your Itinerary

On Saturday, August 24th, more than 10 Santa Barbara County farms, ranches, and agricultural organizations will open their doors and invite the public to experience a day of agricultural activities and tours during the 6th Annual SBC Farm Day.

You may ask, with so many farms involved, how do you decide which to visit during the event? Luckily, Farm Day is a self-guided tour and we have put together an interactive map that will provide you and your family the information you need to plan your itinerary for the day. We have added filters on our map if you want to just focus on locations that are kid-friendly, grow row crops, raise livestock, are STEM-based, or are an AG support business.

From our experience, visitors typically find the most success when aiming to see 3-4 farms during the day. Each location has an activities planned, ranging from tastings, tours, lessons, kid activities, or a combination. There are activities for everyone in the family!

General Terms

No Pets! Due to Food & Safety regulations pets are not allowed at any of the farms.  Thank you for your understanding.

Item Transfer Policy

If this event allows ticket transfers, you can transfer tickets to someone else by going into your confirmation email > View & Manage Order > Edit Ticket Info / Transfer. 

From there, you can change the name on the ticket & email it to the transferred person. 

Miscellaneous Policies

Farm Day Waiver


I understand that while Students for Eco Educations & Agriculture [SEEAG] along with each Farm Day 2024 participating locations [Babe Farms, Bonipak Produce, Central West Produce, Chamberlin Ranch, Engel and Grey, Gold Coast Packing, Growing Ground Farms, Las Cumbres Ranch, Mark Richardson CTE Center & Agriculture Farm, Plantel Nursery, Rancho Laguna Farms, Reiter Affiliated Companies, Roblar Winery] strives to provide a safe environment for all visitors, visiting a working farm operation and/or participating in on-farm activities involves certain inherent risks. Dangers or conditions that are an integral part of commercial farming production activities, include but are not limited to: (1) natural hazards and conditions of land, vegetation, and waters including surface and subsurface conditions; (2) chemicals, fertilizers, or other substances used on the farm; (3) bees, insects or other animals commonly found on commercial farms; and (4) ordinary dangers of structures or equipment normally used in farming or production operations.

I acknowledge that I am visiting Farm Day locations located throughout Santa Barbara County, CA. As part of my visit, I understand that I will be participating in a farm tour or on-farm activities which may include, but are not limited to, walking through farming fields, touching soil, plants, and fruit, viewing organic materials used for fertilization, and watching general farm operations. I understand that participation in these types of activities involves a certain degree of risk. I have carefully considered the risk involved and have given consent for myself and/or my adult registrants and/or my child to participate in these activities. I understand that participation in these activities is entirely voluntary.

I understand and agree that I and/or my adult registrants and/or children signed up under my registration are participating in Farm Day voluntarily and at our own risk. The undersigned, for myself and for my heirs, my registrants, executors, administrators, and assigns, agree to release, hold harmless and to indemnify the Released Parties (as defined below) from any and all claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses of any nature or liability arising out of my and/or adult registrants and/or my child’s participation in the tour or on-farm activities.

I, for myself and/or for my registered party’s participation, understand that this release and indemnity includes any claims based on the negligence, action, or inaction of any of the Released Parties and covers bodily injury (including, without limitation, death), property damage, and loss by theft or otherwise, whether suffered by me either before, during or after such participation.

I declare that I and/or my registered members are physically fit and have the skill level required to participate in the tour or on-farm associated activities.  

I authorize medical treatment for me, at my cost, if the need arises.

For the purposes hereof, the “Released Parties” are SEEAG, and Farm Day participating locations[Allan Hancock College, Babe Farms, Bonipak Produce, Central West Produce, Chamberlin Ranch, Engel and Grey, Gold Coast Packing, Growing Ground Farms, Las Cumbres Ranch, Mark Richardson CTE Center & Agriculture Farm, Plantel Nursery, Rancho Laguna Farms, Reiter Affiliated Companies, Roblar Winery]., its officers, employees, and agents, together with the parent, subsidiary, affiliated and related entities of each of them, and the trustees, officers, directors, employees, and volunteers of any of them.


MEDIA RELEASE AGREEMENT: I grant permission to SEEAG and participating locations (Allan Hancock College, Babe Farm, Better Produce, Inc., Bonipak Produce, Central West Produce, Chamberlain Farm, Engel and Grey, Finley Farm, Las Cumbres Ranch, Mark Richardson CTE Center & Agriculture Farm, Plantel Nursery, Rancho Laguna Farms, Reiter Affiliated Companies, Riverbench Winery) and their agents and assignees, to take photographs, audio, or videos of myself and/or my child for promotional or publicity purposes (for example, brochures, web pages, newspapers, magazines, marketing, social media, or television news). I give unrestricted permission for images, videos, and recordings of myself and/or my child to be used in print, video, digital and internet media. I agree that these images and/or voice recordings may be used for a variety of promotional purposes and that these images may be used without further notifying me. I further acknowledge that I will not be compensated for these uses and SEEAG will own the completed rights to the images, videos, and recordings, and to any derivative works created from them. I waive any right to inspect the uses of any printed or electronic copies.