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Brian James O'Connell's
"The Deconstruction" Improv Workshop

Saturday, February 10th, 2024

Instructor: Brian O'Connell

Class Fee: $85

Time: 1-4pm

Location: The Center Yoga Studio, 672 Higuera Street, SLO

Workshop Description: Improv expert Brian O'Connell will introduce you to The Deconstruction! Created by The Family, iO's legendary troupe, and under the direction of Del Close himself, The Deconstruction is the single most important long form ever created, as it contains every single possible permutation of scene approach and thematic development. An understanding of the deconstruction is essential for the artistic intellectual and technical development of an Improvisor. Quite simply, an improviser's understanding of the work will never be the same after being exposed to "Decon". Whether you perform short form improvised Shakespeare or are merely a writer looking to improve your understanding of character and structure learning these skills will radically improve your understanding of improvisation and raise your level of play!

About your instructor:

Brian James O'Connell is a working actor, writer, director, filmmaker and teacher in Los Angeles. He co-founded and taught as a part of the core faculty at The Pack Theater and at iOWest for over a decade before pursuing his own independent, bespoke and curated student training ALL IMPROV.

BOC (as his friends call him) is part of the improv powerhouse & comedy collective Dr. God, who delivered their first feature film project BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS in 2015, starring Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal, Joey Kern, Joel Murray, and Emma Fitzpatrick, which O’Connell directed as well as co-writing the script with Dr. God. Seasons 1 & 2 of Dr. God's new animated series HELL DEN is currently available on SYFY Channel (Brian voices GIANTIC, a frost giant represented only as a large bare foot)!

BOC is a highly regarded creator, famous for his expertise in the Deconstruction and his prolific attention to detail as well as incredible recall ability and memory! We are thrilled to have him visiting and hope you will join us for this life-changing workshop!

Email for any information or questions! 

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