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Join us for an inspiring and healing Breathwork & Sound Bath unlocking your potential while supporting our 2024 cohort of The #NextWave: "Evoke the Leader within" where the essence of womanhood is celebrated and nurtured. This space is designed for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together, share experiences, and co-create a space of mutual support and empowerment.

Together, we are #makingwaves by providing opportunities for women to enhance their skills and make a difference.
We are calling you in to be a part of the process. 
Your contribution goes directly to empowering our mission:
What's included: 
-Immersive 9D Breathwork journey led by Vibhuti @breathejoy_by_vibhuti
-Receive sound healing with Lysander @healwithred
-Enjoy the sounds of the sea and being in community. 
..all in a space designed for wellness & connection
We see you #wavemakers 
and we appreciate you for all you are and for all you do.
Come fill up your cup so that you may fill up others.
Say Yes. Bring some friends along, and together we'll #makewaves. 

-Tyler & The WMW TEAM

Limited space available.  

General Terms

All sales are final. 

Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable except under cancellations or postponements due to weather.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot make the event, we will miss you. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we'll be happy to save a seat for another sister who may not have been able to attend otherwise. 

Item Transfer Policy

If this event allows ticket transfers, you can transfer tickets to someone else by going into your confirmation email > View & Manage Order > Edit Ticket Info / Transfer. 

From there, you can change the name on the ticket & email it to the transferred person.