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Start your day on our working lavender farm- Join us for a lavender farm experience harvesting lavender and steam distilling into essential oil & hydrosol.  Immerse yourself in farm life as we walk about the farm to learn about the varieties of lavender. End the class bottling your handcrafted lavender essential oil and hydrosl to take home.  Lite snacks and drinks provided.  Bring a picnic to enjoy on the farm after the class. 


General Terms

This is a working farm, no pets allowed.

The walk about the farm is on uneven ground we will be walking through the lavender fields and around the farm. It is best to wear closed toe shoes and bring a jacket, temperatures change throughout the day.

Refund Policy

All items are nonrefundable under any circumstances. 

Item Transfer Policy

Tickets may be transferred to someone else.  Ticket details may be changed on your order confirmation. 

Age Restriction

All ages are welcome!

Miscellaneous Policies


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