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Kalos is made up of three innovative interpreters and composers of Celtic roots music: Eric McDonald, Ryan McKasson
and Jeremiah McLane. They are masters of tradition who purposefully explore the dark corners floating on its edges,
delivering an alluring musical complexity full of spontaneity and joyful exuberance.
They have been good friends ever since they
met, and this is present in their live performances, which are full of organic banter and good humor to go along with the
music. They create an environment of their own design, drawing in listeners without pretense. Despite living active musical
lives living thousands of miles apart, these musicians have committed to working together to forge a new musical path.
“The narrative power of McDonald’s vocals joins the darker riffs of McKasson’s fiddle [and McLane’s soulful accordion for an album with pluck, depth, and good reels aplenty.”
 Rachel Lynne Wilkerson,

“Ryan, Eric and Jeremiah create music together that is at once energetic, sublime, pensive, thought provoking and
jubilant.” — Steve Behrens, 67 music

“There’s a certain spontaneity at work as the three musicians alternately contest and duel, combine and coalesce to
bring their talents together.” — Tim Carroll,
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