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Full Moon, Cacao & Day of the Dead Ceremony

The October Full moon is an auspicious time to celebrate life and death. In this evening of ancient ritual and intention we will be using organic cacao, sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico, and the full moon energy to guide you into an inner meditative journey of the heart (Anahata) chakra. We will honor our deceased loved ones on a traditional Day of the Dead altar, & playfully embrace life and death by infusing our intentions into decorating a sugared skull.

Dawn Feuerberg has participated in and taught the ancient rituals and modern cultural traditions of the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration for over 25 years. It is a time to celebrate and awaken our connection to the sacredness of this life beyond the unseen world.  She is honored to share and celebrate this annual remembrance of our true nature and to be in ceremony with our ancestral guides, our deceased loved ones and our own unique soul's journey.  

Please bring a journal and pen, a photo of a deceased beloved,  and if possible a meditation cushion or chair to sit on. 
For more details contact 805-540-1762.   

Guided by Dawn Feuerberg, certified classical ashtanga yoga teacher, classical tantra meditation instructor and founder of Aurora Adventures, LLC, a wellness inspired travel company. Dawn began meditating at age 9, teaching yoga in 1998 and guiding shamanic rituals in 2012. For the past decade Dawn has been a dedicated student of Sally Kempton, the highly regarded scholar of spiritual tantra and yoga philosophy. She has studied with Siberian shamans and Zapotec & Toltec wisdom keepers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Dawn is currently studying for her advanced degree in yoga philosophy and Sanskrit (YSACP 500). She is also a mother of two, a surfer and a Spanish professor. 

Event takes place at 9th Limb Yoga in Morro Bay


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